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ECO-Art for Kids

As a mother with two children, Monica observes firsthand their desire for toys and their role as young consumers. Rather than just educate her own kids about creative re-use, she started a program at school where parent volunteers are trained to teach in the classrooms. The main point of these projects is getting kids to think about using old materials (things they ordinarily would trash) in a new and creative way. Thinking beyond “one-use” products; emphasizing that they can create their own cool and interesting art/projects/toys/etc. without having to buy anything or have a pre-packaged kit. Here are a few lessons:

Recycled Robots

We collected lots of junk; old broken things, with parts no longer wanted. We found a new use for them and created our own robot. Boy did we have fun!!
Palm Masks

Palm trees abound in San Diego and have become an icon of Southern California. Their fronds, which grow quickly and need annual trimming, are not accepted in the green waste recycling, so they are often disposed of in the landfill. Here is a more creative use for this plentiful resource and a great lesson about how cultures around the world have used masks for centuries…
Bottle Flowers

Its spring! Time to learn about the botany of flowers and just in time for Earth Day…can you think of any better use for a discarded plastic water bottle?